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Personal Injury

Skilled Des Moines Personal Injury Attorney Serving a Community Need

If you are dealing with a personal injury matter, allow an experienced lawyer to take care of your claim while you focus on healing. Personal injury claims can be time-consuming, confusing and complicated, and legal considerations are likely not your primary concern as you recover and adjust. I can assist with your claim at my law firm in Des Moines, Iowa.

Greg Peterson, Attorney at Law, handles workers' compensation matters and personal injury claims. I have provided legal assistance to people dealing with these issues for 30 years. I personally meet with clients and work closely with them in getting fair and reasonable compensation on their claims. Contact me to arrange a free initial consultation.

Why You May Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

The insurance company will usually try to settle claims quickly and for as little as possible. I will be your voice in demanding that your insurer honor your full personal injury claim. You deserve fair compensation for your injury and may be relying on insurance to cover mounting medical and prescription charges.

  • Catastrophic injuries - I handle claims on closed or open head injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and multiple fracture injuries.
  • Wrongful death - If your loved one has died as a result of someone else's negligence, you may not have the ability to deal with legal concerns as you grieve. A skilled attorney can take over these concerns for you.
  • Toxic exposure - I have experience litigating and working with experts in histoplasmosis, or mold in the lungs, cases.
  • Premises liability - If you have been injured on an uneven sidewalk or while on an unsafe street, I can help you get reasonable compensation from the state, county, city, town, municipality or agency for your personal injury.
  • Slip and fall - You may be dealing with a trip and fall or a slip and fall issue. I will seek compensation for you for the pain you suffer as a result of a fall in a hotel lobby, grocery store parking lot or private person's stairway.

Skilled Attorney, Compassionate Ally

For a free initial consultation with an experienced and accessible personal injury lawyer, contact me. Arrangements are available for a confidential meeting at a private location for incapacitated clients who are unable to travel to my law firm.