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Social Security

When you file a Social Security Disability claim with the Social Security Administration, the administration may initially deny your claim. From its office in Des Moines, Iowa, Disability Consultants, Inc., can help.

Greg Peterson, attorney at Disability Consultants, Inc., handles Social Security Disability claims. He has provided legal assistance to people dealing with these issues for more than 25 years. Our team works closely with clients, getting them benefits they deserve on their claims.

Complete Social Security Disability Claim Assistance

We can assist you with your Social Security Disability claim at any stage. We can help with your application or, if necessary, appeal your Social Security Disability denial. The Social Security regulations and laws are complex. A lawyer with decades of experience dealing with the Social Security Administration can not only put your mind at ease but also represent you with the administration in the following processes:

The Social Security Administration has professionals collecting information on your matter. They will use this information to defend their decision. You need a lawyer who will properly analyze, develop and present your case.

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