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How We Succeed At Social Security Hearings

Because so many Social Security claims are denied after the initial application, it is often necessary to appeal the decision and attend a hearing. At Disability Consultants, Inc., in Des Moines, Iowa, lawyer Gregory Peterson is an experienced advocate for the ill, injured and disabled. He frequently represents clients at the hearing level, helping them build a strong case and secure full and fair compensation.

How We Succeed At Social Security Hearings

A hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is often your best chance of receiving benefits. The judge will know the law and you will have a fair opportunity to tell your story and present your case with the help of your representative. Disability Consultants, Inc., is here to help you succeed before, during and after your hearing.

With so many factors going into these decisions, no attorney can guarantee results at a Social Security hearing. However, at Disability Consultants, Inc., there are some things we can guarantee:

  • We guarantee that we will prepare for your hearing thoroughly and aggressively.
  • We guarantee that you will know what to expect when we attend your hearing. We will also help you prepare for your testimony to maximize your chances of success.
  • We guarantee that we will work closely with your health care provider to secure the proper documentation of your injury, illness or disability.
  • We guarantee that your best interests are at the heart of everything we do at your hearing and in preparation.

When you trust our firm with your representation, we become your team. By maintaining communication throughout your case, we can help you do everything possible to succeed — whether that involves properly filling out paperwork or maintaining treatment with the appropriate health care professionals.

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